Jianbin LiuNanjing Tuniu International Travel Service Co., Ltd
November 12, 2019

Siqin Chen

General Manager, Cruise Resort Centre

Jiangmen Dafang Int’l Travel Service Co., Ltd

Mr. Chen Schin, general manager of cruise center of Jiangmen DAFANG International Travel Service Co., Ltd., engaged in tourism industry for more than 15 years, has been committed to the development and promotion of cruise vacation tourism products; the company has been deeply ploughed in Jiangmen Wuyi area market for many years, is the leading enterprise of Jiangmen travel agency industry, from home port cruise ship to overseas cruise products all occupy a higher market share in the region. I have a keen insight into the needs of customers in the direct customer market, constantly explore to improve the experience and comfort of cruise products, packaging design novel and fashionable popular style products and innovative products to meet the market demand. Organize a variety of cruise themes in the region Regiment and cruise activities, such as: thousands of people sea square dance contest, BEATSHIP HAIIOWE sea carnival party, star fan meeting, 520 romantic "mail", famous mouth with you to post the world dream. Wait for activities. Building Cruise Tourism quality signboard in Jiangmen Wuyi area.